About KoldKraft Refrigeration

Message from the Chairman

Syed Tariq Siraj Jafri
Pakistan is a country blessed with great natural resource. With the availability of all four seasons and fertile land, Pakistan has potential to lead in Agro based exports in the region.
Koldkraft Refrigeration has been designing and manufacturing Chillers, Cold Stores, Blast Freezers, Refrigerated Transport Containers, Water Chillers and Ice Builders for catering the needs of Dairy Industry, Meat Processing, Ice Cream, Fruits and Vegetables export and Agro based value addition processes for the last 30 years.
We constantly work with our business partners to provide refrigeration solutions according to their needs. We have developed strong links in food processing sector which helps us understand the constant changing dynamics of this market sector.
Koldkraft has played a vital role in providing cold chain solutions, developing our employee as valuable assets and providing them with state of the art training which in return has helped society in growth of food processing sector which resulted in the increased exports of Agro based commodities in Pakistan.
With our experience we can provide a solution tailored to your needs.
We have a strong engineering background with, a skilled team of professional engineers overseeing Designing, Manufacturing, Quality Control and after Sales service.

Koldkraft Pvt Ltd is working and accomplishing the requirements of our customers for the past 30 years.

Due to ever changing environment and our plans for further Business Development we decided to establish KOLDKRAFT REFRIGERATION (PVT LTD), to further improve and enhance our illustrious past in the dynamic leadership of Syed Tariq Siraj Jafri.
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